Jordan Petra - 2008

My travels in Jordan – Petra 2008

My Story in Brief

Became a vegetarian in 2007 . Joined the SRF in L.A. California at the end of 2007 and started following the Krya Yoga meditation practices of Paramahansa Yogananda.

Few months later, in the beginning of 2008 I had a major Kundalini Awakening and joined the ever-growing number of people awakening to this New Reality, preparing for the “New Earth” full of Love , Light and Harmony!

Than the entire Universe opened up to me in less than 2 weeks! It was like a new birth! I saw the structure and principles of everything, the infinite variety and number of all worlds and the instant connection between everybody and everything! During that period of time I stopped eating for 90 days and I stopped drinking water for 45 days. I was full of infinite energy, which I perfectly new where it was coming from. I felt a constant joy and happiness, a complete state of Nirvana and I had a perfect sense of harmony with the Universe and my Inner Self.  All channels of Cosmic Information opened up to me, like an explosion and all of my physical illnesses and problems diapered at ones. I discovered that I can do things that only advanced yogis after 20 and more years of training are capable of, like stooping my heart, not eating or drinking for prolong periods of time, not breathing for record time laps, control the entire organs and bodily functions of my body at will, recharge just by Sun-gazing for 30-60 min per day at the Sun.  My third eye opened up completely and I started foreseeing events from my future life and the life of others. In this critical time for my body and mind I went trough a major reprogramming of my personality, believe system and physiological functions. Now I feel compassionate for all living thing on this planet we call Earth, which is our collective consciousness, that we are all holding it together with the help of the Universe. And the most important for me and my new life was the ability to heal myself and other people just with the power of will and good intention.

In essence, according to the Dr. Amit Goswami’s, Ph.D, Theoretical Quantum Physicist definition, I’ve become a Quantum Activist.

Since that time I devoted my life into educating people, heal their souls and help humanity to get through this critical period of awakening and transformation, because every soul on this planet deserves a second chance, as I did.

With this project I am dedicating my hart, my mind and my soul to help all people in need, along their awakening and healing process, here on Planet Earth – our only home in this reality!




Let it Be Love, Light and Harmony all over the Earth!

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