Quantum Energy Therapy

About Quantum Energy Therapy

Quantum Energy Therapy is a relatively new term for otherwise well known healing techniques like Reiky, Qigong or Chi-Gong, Prana Yama Healing, Energy Self Healing, Krya Yoga, Silva Method, Life Force, Acupressure, Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic touch, Bio-Energy Healing etc. In all of those cases the person receiving healing energy is stimulated energetically and his/her potential of self-healing is activated, which leads to tremendous improvement in emotional and physical well being.

The energy flow trough our bodies is strongly influenced not only by our spiritual practices, but also from the quality of the food and the audio-visual informational intake from every day life. That’s why is so important, what should we eat and drink, what kind of music we must listen and what kind of movies and television we are watching. All this informational stream of material and non material substances are going first into the body system, than into our energy system – chackras, aura or generally known as soul. The body is the temple of our soul. Keeping it clean and sacred you will achieve a balanced happy life with abundance of love, light and success in every direction you go.


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