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Dimitri Detchev – Energy Healer

Energy Healings with Dimitri

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Cell: 818-629-9035


Skype: healer.dimitri

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Office Address 1:




The Total Health Connection

1148 4th St, Suite #205

Santa Monica

CA 90403




Here, along with your Energy Healing Session with Dimitri, you can have also the best performed Colon Hydrotherapy in Los Angeles by Rysia Muznicki.

Rysia has pioneered Colon Hydrotherapy for over 45 years.

She owned and operated the Total Health Connection in Beverly Hills and taught colonics in Russia and Japan. Her clients have included many Hollywood celebrities. She is a trusted and recognized name in Los Angeles and globally.

You can call her at (323) 855 7035


Or you can make an appointment with Rysia at:

Please call in advance for scheduling appointments, or go to the online appointments page.

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