Primer Fields Theory

Here you can see all the parts of The Primer Fields Theory by David LaPoint

In this video series the currently accepted theories of physics and astrophysics are shaken to the core by a radical new theory of the fundamental forces in all matter.

You will be amazed as a magnetic model of the dome at CERN is used to create a 100 mm diameter plasma Sun with a 300 mm diameter equatorial disc of plasma around it!

All the plasma videos are actual footage with no enhancement or manipulation other than speed. In other words, this is real thing. Hard to believe, but it is all true.

The Primer Fields Part 1 International Ver.

Published on Jan 24, 2013

This version is identical to the original “The Primer Fields Part 1″ except for minor changes in the music in the closing credits. This international version was necessary due to some copyright issues with the Apollo Launch sequence that are invalid, but it may take until Feb 22 before this dispute is cleared and the original is available in all countries. This international version should play in all countries immediately without any issues. Cheers, Dave

The Primer Fields Part 2

The Primer Fields Part 3


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