What we should know about FAITH?

Faith is the main factor throughout the entire process of interaction between the healer and the healed. In order to activate the self-healing power of our bodies, one must have Faith. If any of the parties is not convinced enough, that the healing will work – the healing will not work properly. For centuries natural healers noticed in their practices, that the healing process is not strong enough, if certain distraction factors are present during the session. Especially strong factors are skeptics, witnessing the session. That’s because their faith of skeptics is counter-working, or interfering against the healer’s faith and the patient’s faith of being healed. As we all know, the reality we live in is full of countless different frequencies and we all are receiving and emitting such frequencies, mainly energy-thought-forms.

The modern word for faith is “placebo”. The “placebo effect” is well known to science, but not well explained by science. I would say – everything is “placebo effect” or faith-effect, ether personal or group faith and this is where we recognize the first law of HERMES TRISMEGISTUS – THE PRINCIPLE OF MENTALISM:  “THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”–The Kybalion.

What can we do about our faith? How can we strengthen our faith?

First word of advise – be very careful about what you wish. And second but not last – do not wish specifics. By specifics I mean numbers, dates, objects, time, speed, places, names or people etc. One would ask – what’s left? And that’s exactly the point – almost nothing. The less we want, the more powerful is our request or prayer. The more general and altruistic are our prayers, the more likely they are to be fulfilled.

Here is an example of a general prayer, that if repeated every day will change your life!

“Beloved Universe, guide me to a brighter  future, abandoned with Love, Light, Happiness and Harmony for me and everybody around me!






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