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In today’s reality of manufactured foods, antibiotic and hormones farming, Genetically Modified agricultural products, pesticides, herbicides, chem-trails and so on … and on …. and on, people are living in crowded cities, far from nature and it’s natural resources of water and food, we are having no choice of natural healthy diet and natural life-style. That’s why part of the solution is to have food supplements with your meal intake, so you can provide part of the necessary elements to you digestive and immune system. Thankfully this industry is well developed by popular demand. But when it comes to make a choice – things are getting a bit complicated.

My experience with vitamins and food supplements is to stick with the universal types known to mankind for years, like Vitamin C, B complex, A and D, Collagen and Magnesium.  But there is something else that’s being missing for a long time and recently has being introduced more and more as an universal alternative for fighting and prevention of many illnesses, like Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, Cardiovascular Diseases  and all kind of other diseases and finally cancer, but most of all it’s the ultimate blocker of aging. Yes, I am talking about Melanin, the essential element of the Human Photosynthesis, that provides 50% of the photon energy necessary for sustaining life.

The levels of Melanin are controlled by the Pineal Gland. Melanin uses water and sun light to absorb photon-energy back and forth almost infinite number of times, which energy later is used by our body systems, or stored as pure energy in the mitochondria of our cells. It’s the ultimate catalyst for absorbing and releasing electromagnetic photon-energy without decomposing, or loosing strength for infinite number of cycles. This process is called Human Photosynthesis and it’s 10 times more efficient than the chlorophyll based photosynthesis in plants.

The main reason we are loosing electromagnetic energy is that we are actually diminishing the necessary levels of Melanin by washing it out, through our daily food and water intake, thus our Electric-Light-Body balance is weakened and consequently our immune system becomes inefficient. This is the process where the insufficient electromagnetic energy cannot support fast enough cell-regeneration and we all know that phenomena as AGING. Aging is simply not fast enough cell regeneration! So the solution is to keep our healthy levels of Melanin in check.

In brief:

The Melanin is the solar panel of our body and the mitochondria in our cells are the batteries that store the electromagnetic photon-energy produced by the Human Photosynthesis. 

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